Healing Nature

The Healing Circle

The Healing Circle

Shared Wisdom & Health Teachings for All

Circles of health and healing, soul learning, music, meditation and creativity. A sacred space to keep you in your higher minds and soul growth. Held indoors and outdoors and in tune with the celestial regents and learned ancient wisdoms. The aim is for the circle to inform daily life in a way that is crucial to the development of a strong, renewing culture. The intention of “The Healing Circle” is to maintain a positive attitude and sacred space, to purpose good by co-creating with the divine. It is also to learn much about health and resilience without succumbing to any psychic numbing we might face from living during this current time of great spiritual and global energetic change.

Gilly has helped me to manage my health while coping with my full work/life pace and has helped me to keep my focus on my health and my family's health for years now. 'Healing Nature' is a 'go to place' when the stress of life starts to impact on my body and I need a little extra nurturing.

When you become one with the source, fear becomes just a strange word without any meaning”  

– By Earth: We are one.