Healing Nature

My Story

Hello, I'm Gillian

It is my passion to teach everyone who learns from me about Holistic health and how important it is to healing that we look within and heal emotional patterns, nurture our physical bodies, bring joy to our souls and master our minds so we travel with much more happiness and beauty through our lives.

In 1992, aged 32, after months of physically demanding mountain hiking guiding in Austria and France I woke one morning unable to walk. Like many of us can relate to – “I’d tipped the balance and ended up in hospital”- for me it was Reactive Arthritis. During the recovery months, I made the decision to pursue the career in Natural Medicine as I had always felt this to be my true calling. In 1993 I enrolled in a Diploma of Herbal Medicine course and an Australian Bushflower Essence course. Over many years I continued my learning path and accrued a broad base of knowledge through my Diplomas in Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy and training in Iridology, Kinesiology and Reiki.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Complementary Health Science degree from the University of New England at 45.

I also bring to “Healing Nature” my previous life experience as an Athlete, Coach, Instructor, Guide, Activist and Naturalist Educator – born of my close association with the Australian Snowy Mountains and of all of my journeys immersed in diverse nature intact spaces. Over the last 10 years I have followed a calling to focus on soul empowering study with the Medicine Woman Centre of Esoteric and Shamanic Studies® in New Zealand. At every stage of my learning journey there has been a growing realisation of the priority of addressing the metaphysical aspect of everyone’s path to health.

My business “Healing Nature” also has a mission via all I do to facilitate healing of humanity’s fractured connection with Nature. As well as a qualified Naturopathic Herbalist, I am a Nature Teacher and Guide. I also now offer spiritual alchemy and sound healing within ‘The Healing Circle’ as ways to re-establish the very necessary human as sacred Earth keeper connection in a 21st century context.

Studies on my Life Path;

Diploma of Herbal Medicine 1995
Diploma of Homoeopathy 2003
Bachelor of Health Science 2004
Usui Reiki Level 1 and 2 1994 
Touch for Health and Educational Kinesiology 1995
Iridology certificates 1994 -2000
Certificate 3 in Tour Guiding
Certificate in First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® 2016
Registered practitioner of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®
Medicine Woman Centre of Esoteric and Shamanic Studies® NZ certificates in Healer’s Studies, Shamanic Studies 2011-2015, Advanced Shamanic Studies and Alchemical studies 2016 – 2020.

About Healing Nature

My business ‘Healing Nature’ offers individuals ‘Natural Health Consultations’. These are presently offered online. Core treatments include Herbal medicine, Naturopathic solutions and Flower Essence Therapy. The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® are key catalysts used in every consultation to facilitate transformation of subconscious patterns that are obstacles to true healing. ‘Healing Nature’ also offers two enriching gatherings. Firstly I invite you to ‘The Healing Circle’ where I draw from a great well to share both ancient wisdom teachings for your soul or teach Holistic health and lifestyle topics. Secondly I offer special ‘Soul Essence Retreats’ held twice yearly in beautiful natural places to provide the opportunity of immersing yourself in the benefits of developing a closer relationship with the natural world to de-stress and awaken to your best potential, soul power and optimum good health.

Shamans don’t treat disease, they create the conditions for Health.

– Alberto Villoldo​